Terms and Conditions


Legal notice

This is the website of Eighty-Eight of London, which is owned and managed by [Eighty-Eight of London Ltd]. If the user of this service [The Client] purchases any goods or services from the website, they agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions as set out below.

Conditions of use

The Client assumes full responsibility for the protection of his computer system including computer hardware software and stored data on his computer system including hardware software and stored data of third parties who may access or be otherwise connected to the Client’s computer system. The Client will assume the responsibility of ensuring that program or other data downloaded or otherwise received from this website are free from viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other items of a destructive nature. Eighty-Eight of London Ltd makes no representations as to the security quality or propriety of any website which may be accessed through this website and accepts no liability for the content or for any loss or damage caused or alleged to have been caused by the use of or reliance on information contained in such websites or goods or services purchased there from. Connected websites accessed through this service are independent websites over which Eighty-Eight of London Ltd does not exercise any control whether financial editorial or of any other kind and are not in any way endorsed by Eighty-Eight of London Ltd.

Conditions of sale

Products and services advertised by Eighty-Eight of London Ltd must not be sold or offered for sale by an unauthorised third party. Only bookings completed directly on our website (eighty-eightoflondon.com) or those of our official partners (happity.co.uk & classforkids.co.uk) are valid. Any products or services purchased from an unauthorised website or individual are not accepted. Any attempts to manipulate or interfere with our booking system may be unlawful and could result in legal action being taken.


Eighty-Eight of London Ltd will make every effort to ensure the wellbeing and health and safety of every child and adult attending online and in-person classes. To support us in this process, the Client (or their parents or nominated guardians) must attend and supervise children under their responsibility whilst the children participate in Eighty-Eight of London’s virtual or in-person events unless an appropriate pastoral care has been agreed.

Individual instrumental lessons and group baby classes

The Concert Artist, acting on behalf of Eighty-Eight of London Ltd, will provide individual lessons/group baby classes consisting of the number of sessions specified at the time of the booking. Classes will not necessarily coincide with school terms and are available for purchase on pro rata basis. The Concert Artist will give the classes at the time specified on the booking form (baby classes) or as agreed with the individual client (one-to-one instrumental lessons) and they will reserve the place for the Client.

Rescheduling classes & in-house deputies

Eighty-Eight of London Ltd reserves the right to provide in-house deputies, whenever possible, or reschedule classes should the Concert Artist be unable to provide tuition due to their other professional or personal commitments. We will always endeavour to minimise any potential disruption by giving the Client sufficient notice.

Payment of Fees

The Client will pay the fees for each series in full before the first class of the series. Upon receipt of the payment, Eighty-Eighty of London Ltd will contact the Client and either issue a Zoom link/password granting access to individual online lessons/group baby classes or confirm the venue, time and date for all individual in-person instrumental lessons with the Client.

Missed classes

Eighty-Eight of London Ltd will charge for any scheduled classes which the Client does not attend, unless we choose not to do so because of exceptional circumstances. If the Concert Artist is obliged to cancel a scheduled class, the Client (or parents or nominated guardians) may choose between (i) carrying the class forward; (ii) receiving a replacement class; or (iii) receiving a refund of the individual class’ fee.

Refunds & cancellations

All fees paid at the time of submitting the booking form are non-refundable. The only exception is in the instance where the Client is unable to attend due to health issues, whereby an official doctor’s note must be presented to Eighty-Eight of London Ltd. For group baby classes, a Zoom recording of any classes missed may be offered upon request. If for any reason Eighty-Eight of London Ltd is unable to provide its services as advertised, Eighty-Eight of London Ltd shall offer the Client a full refund of any amount already paid.


If Eighty-Eight of London Ltd, using all reasonable discretion, feels unable to continue providing tuition on account of conduct of the Client or anyone connected with the Client which makes it unethical or unsafe to continue providing the classes to the Client, the fees for any outstanding part of the term will not be refundable.

Data protection

Eighty-Eight of London Ltd processes personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018. To find out how and why Eighty-Eight of London Ltd processes personal data, please refer to the text of our full Privacy Policy.

Public liability insurance

Eighty-Eight of London Ltd shall ensure that we have in place at all times suitable and valid insurance which shall include public liability insurance.